October, 2017

Dear Friends,

The temperature took quite the nosedive these past few weeks, and the cool weather of fall is here. Just because your sweaters and long pants are out, doesn't mean it is time to put your much shorter gym clothes away. When temperatures fall, so does our motivation for getting outside to exercise. If you can't bear the much cooler mornings, try to get out later in the day after the sun has had time to warm everything up. Keep up your daily activity!

Speaking of staying active, be sure to check out our important group exercise class changes below!

We are excited to welcome Shanon back, who will now be holding a regular Pilates-based class Thursdays at 11:00 AM. You can sign up below, or ask your trainer for more information. We will no longer offer Coretastic on Wednesdays.

In Health,

-The FitnessWise Team

QuickTipNutrition QuickTip of the Month
Most people see "fiber" on a nutrition label and immediately assume it has the same benefits as the fiber from banana. Companies are adding ingredients into packaged foods to increase the fiber content. Now, the FDA is reviewing these fiber ingredients for their health benefit. Check it out here.
FitTipFit Tip of The Month
You know the old saying, "knowledge is power." Each month we will post a variety of different articles on health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. You can view the article by following this link.
Group ExcerciseSmall Group Training in the Mind Body Studio at FitnessWise
Class-based exercise, with the individual attention necessary to achieve new levels of fitness, poses unique challenges. We are a small business, and we meet those challenges with a small group of top-flight instructors and a beautiful, light-filled, "green" studio that provides a comfortable, yet intimate setting for small group training of 7 or less. You can view our November schedule and enroll for a class here.