February, 2018

Dear Friends, 

That was quick! January 2018 has come and gone in a flash. We hope you fell comfortably into a new groove for the new year and started off 2018 strong. If you haven't been in to see us since the first of the month, it's never too late to get started working towards the health and fitness goals you've set for yourself. Have any friends or family that you'd like to join you on your fitness journey this year? Help your friends by helping yourself. Referrals can get you up to a full month of personal training for FREE.

Stay tuned for information on our annual Exercise Around the World competition!

In Health,

-The FitnessWise Team
February 2018
Classes at the Mind-Body Studio
We are still offering our Pilates-based class, taught by Shanon, Thursdays at 12:00 PM.  You can sign up here, or ask your trainer for more information. 
We're excited to offer TRX Suspension Training in a Small Group format at the Mind-Body Studio at FitnessWise.  TRX Training builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once, using just your own bodyweight.  Whether for the playing field or for a life on the go, TRX Training will help you safely and rapidly improve your fitness, regardless of age or fitness level.

Due to space limitations, we are capping the class at (4) participants. To facilitate this change we ask that if you would like to attend a class, you sign-up online. You can attempt to drop-in during class time the morning of, but if 4 people have already signed-up for the class, you will NOT be able to participate. Online sign-up is a first come, first serve basis with a two person wait list. We encourage you to sign-up as soon as you know your personal schedule for the weekend. 
CLICK HERE to sign up!!
Dates and Times of Upcoming Classes:
2/3 at 8:30am
2/10 at 1:30pm
2/17 at 8:30am
2/24 at 8:30am

Nutrition QuickTip of the Month
Cutting out your favorite foods completely can leave you with some pretty big cravings. Try looking for healthier alternatives and substitutes for those foods you crave. Check here for a guide on healthy alternatives.

FitTip of The Month
You know the old saying, "knowledge is power." Each month we will post a variety of different articles on health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. You can view the article by following  this link