July, 2019

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We are more than half way into 2019 and summer is officially upon us! We hope that you have been experiencing a prosperous year and are making great strides towards achieving those New Year's health and fitness resolutions. If you haven't seen us for a while, its never to late to get back on track! Our Team would love to help you kick start the process of achieving your goals and providing all the motivation you need along the way. Have any friends or family who are looking to begin their fitness journey? Help the people you care about while helping yourself! Refer them to us and get a discount on your training.

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-The FitnessWise Team
July 2019
Member Profile

FitnessWise member, Bernie Bell, completed her first half marathon at the Annual Wayfarer’s Half Marathon and 10K event on June 1, 2019 in Annapolis, Maryland.  Although Bernie does not consider herself a “runner,” and had previously only run an “occasional 5K”, she decided to attempt the Wayfarer half marathon as a personal challenge and “fun way to increase my exercise routine to the next level.”  With the help of the FitnessWise team, Bernie started her training 3 months prior to the event in early March.  Her initial training runs were less than two miles, before steadily increasing to 10 miles leading up to the event.  Bernie augmented her training runs with regular strength training and conditioning with the FitnessWise Team.  As for the event itself, Bernie describes it as “a very challenging and fulfilling experience” and shared that even though it was a “difficult course with a lot of hills, especially the last 8 miles,” she remembered to pace herself and had the confidence to successfully complete the 13.1 mile event because of all her training.  Asked if she would do it again, Bernie said, “I’m very glad I did it once, but I think I will switch back to biking now.  It is much easier on my knees.” 

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