Self-Workout Scheduling





Okay. Well, maybe not that kind of "SELFIE".  But we're talking about your Self-Workouts.

For those of you that are members of FitnessWise and should be coming in to workout on your own, we need you to schedule your Selfies.  


Scheduling your selfies has several benefits:

1. Accountability.  We all are more likely to show up if something is on our schedule and someone else is expecting us to be there.

2. Over the next few weeks while we are training in the 2 Bethesda Metro Fitness Center, we need to know when to look out for you to open the door.  Additionally, if we do not expect a FitnessWise member to be there, we may not be there.  Sometimes we are back up in our office doing paper/computer work.

3. Reminders.  If you schedule your selfie online, you will receive a reminder before your self-workout.  Sometimes those little nudges are all we need to stay on track.

4.  Exclusivity.  One of the reasons that many of our members join FitnessWise is because it is NOT crowded.  We would like to keep it that way.  Scheduling Selfies let's us know how many people will be in our facility.

So how do you schedule your Selfies?
There are a few options:

1. Schedule with your FitnessWise Team Member at the end of your 1-on-1 Session.  We will put you on the calendar and you will get reminders.

2. Call or email us.  We know that schedules change.  So let us know the best time that works for you.

3.  Go online and schedule via MindBody or on the FitnessWise App.  Here is the link to access the Selfie schedule on MindBody:

Or you can click on the "CLASSES" tab if you login to MindBody directly.
You can also access the schedule through the FitnessWise App by clicking the "Schedule Selfie" button.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

In Health,

The FitnessWise Team


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 The FitnessWise Team
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