Exercise Around the World - 1

Exercise Around the World
Start off the New Year right with a chance to explore far away places and exotic destinations! Enjoy a siesta in Spain or even sing some karaoke in Japan! How about gazing upon the Aurora Borealis in Alaska? 

Not really, but the thought of going to some distant locale after the recent holiday is oh so tempting. Instead, we shall travel to these amazing locations as we "walk" around the world and earn prizes along the way! (Not to include full, all expenses paid travel packages unfortunately) 
The rules are simple, but the challenge will be great. For every hour you spend exercising, whether it be cardio, weight training, or even TRX, you will be awarded miles. The ultimate goal being, 40,800 miles! 
  • 1 Hour of Resistance Training (a COMPLETE self-workout or session) or a 24-minute TRX session = 2,000 miles toward your total. This cannot earn you more than 6,000 miles during a week AND you cannot do consecutive strength training days. 
  • 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour of Cardiovascular activity (MUST maintain at least 65% max heart rate or a 7 on the RPE scale) *Consult your trainer for questions regarding either method* = 500, 750, or 1,000 miles respectively, toward your total.
You cannot earn more than 12,000 miles a week EXCEPT for the challenges listed below. 

Each week you can complete additional tasks to push you over your weekly mile cap. You are allowed to do any one of the following challenges a total of one time over the course of the your journey. Challenges will award an additional 2,500 miles! 
  • Individual TRX session
  • Stretch Session (12 or 24-minute)
  • Complete a three day food log and share it with your trainer
  • Use a Referral Card to refer a friend to come in for a Free Fitness Consultation
  • Attend a seminar at FitnessWise or other health-related seminar elsewhere (must provide proof of attendance)
You will begin your adventure in Washington, D.C. From here you will head north to Baffin Island, Canada, then to Reykjavik, Iceland, off to Madrid, Spain, onto Cairo, Egypt, southeast to Djibouti, onward to Madagascar, east to Perth, Australia, northeast to Christmas Island, north to Kuala Lumpur, off to Taipei, Taiwan, up to Tokyo, Japan, onward to Anchorage, Alaska, south to San Francisco, and finally, back home to D.C. What a trip! 

TBD, but will include certificates to area restaurants, entertainment venues, and health-related services.  Prizes will be announced/posted beginning February 17.

Your journey will begin on Friday, February 21, 2018 and ends on Friday, March 20.  We will have a sign-up sheet at the front desk. You must do at least one workout per week at FitnessWise during the Challenge. We will provide slips to be filled out on a weekly basis where we can track your progress. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! 
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