Staying Healthy During Virus Season

FitnessWise COVID-19 Update


Dear FitnessWise Family,

As we are all aware, these are challenging times.  The public health crisis and resulting national emergency is forcing us to change some of our most human social behaviors.  However, know that your health and well-being is the FitnessWise Team's top priority.  

Exercise is an important part of our lives now more than ever for many reasons.  We've stressed the immune system benefits of exercise.  But also exercise will improve your lung function, reduce anxiety and stress, and build your overall health reserve.  Your health reserve is extremely important because it gives you a buffer so that if you do suffer illness or injury, you are able to recover much easier.

We want to make sure that you are able to continue your exercise routine during the COVID-19 crisis.  One of the good things about FitnessWise is the personalized nature of our facility.  So you are often one of only a few people in the gym.  But we are also taking additional measures to decrease your risk of exposure to germs.  All handles, door knobs, and frequently touched surfaces are wiped with Clorox disinfecting wipes every 3-4 hours.  And we are taking a few minutes between sessions to clean any equipment used with our germicide spray.  Our members are also doing an excellent job of wiping equipment after use, so we sincerely thank you for that.

However, we do understand that you may be uncomfortable coming out to go to the gym.  So we are prepared to offer virtual sessions via Skype.  We will re-design your exercise program as needed based on the equipment you have at home (even if you don't have any equipment).  We will deliver the same top-flight service and programming that you are accustomed to getting in our facility.  Just let us know what you have at home and what sort of device you will be using to communicate (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.).

We know that the next few weeks will be challenging.  But we will be smart in the way that we do things.  We will be vigilant in doing the things that will keep us healthy.  And we will get through this as a community and a Family.

In Health,

Sandy, Lori, and Okinyi