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"Personalizing Post Rehab Programs"

"The greatest challenge we have as postrehab specialists is to keep our clients on track over the long term," advises J.P. "The clients who stay the course over the long term are the ones who will achieve the greatest benefit from exercise."

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"Get Leaner, Go Longer and Become More Explosive in Five Short Weeks"

FitnessWise in Bethesda, Maryland designed this triple-threat circuit – to simultaneously target fat cells, the explosive fast-twitch fibers of the lower body and the entire cardio-respiratory system.

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"Watch Your Back: Medical Researchers Are Learning More About How to Treat Back Pain -- and How Not to. Here's What to Know and a List of the Area's Top Back Experts."

[My chiropractor] sent me to FitnessWise, a gym in Bethesda specializing in post-rehabilitation...exercises to strengthen trunk muscles – abdominals and low-back muscles – which increases stability. Stretching increases flexibility. Because Montalvan believes that the body adapts to exercise, he changes the workout routine frequently to challenge and build different muscles.Like [the chiropractor and physical therapist], [FitnessWise] works on body mechanics. 'No one with back pain has good posture,' [they] say.

Thanks to [the chiropractor], FitnessWise, and adherence to a stretching and strengthening regimen, surgery is no longer a consideration for me. Not everyone is so lucky...

A combination of cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercises strengthen the back and leg muscles, taking pressure off the spine. Stretching increases flexibility. You may be advised to abandon running or racket sports in favor of back-friendly pursuits like swimming or biking. 'High-impact exercise increases compression forces on the spine,' says personal trainer Montalvan. High-impact sports also increase the risk of re-injury.

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"Pick It Up, Sister"

My sister's wedding is six months away. Like most brides, she wants to be in top shape when she says "I do" I figured I'd take her with me on my daily jogs.

But must I compromise my own workout in order to help my sister? Not necessarily. J.P. recommends hitching my exercise routine to my sister's. For example, I might run by myself for 30 minutes before picking her up for the last 20 minutes of my jog.

By that point, he says, "you're a little ragged out, and she's fresh -- so now your abilities are reasonably commensurate."

We need a specific plan. Professional personal training appointments are almost always booked days in advance; clients make note in their calendar and plan for it. Why should informal personal training be any different?

And yet, formalized personal training has one big component that informal training lacks: a financial incentive.

"When someone makes an outlay for personal training, they're financially committing to improving their health, to making some progress," Montalvan says.

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"Trainers We Like"

FitnessWise in Bethesda, which uses a team approach – several trainers help devise a client's exercise plan. They work well with injuries and chronic conditions.

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