Taking classes at Fight Wise is a great opportunity to learn a new skill and receive a total body workout at the same time. The instructors are truly dedicated to working one and one and seeing you accomplish your goals. I would highly recommend trying out an initial class, and I promise you will be coming back for more! They also offer many different class times, which will work with different schedules. Each time I take a class, I feel myself improving and learning more, and it just continues to motivate me to keep going.

Emily Jacobs

I have enjoyed a variety of great classes in the pristine yet cozy Mind Body Studio at FitnessWise! The instructors are attentive, positive, and nurturing across the board. Classes like Stretch & Center Yoga are wonderful when you are tight or sore from more punishing work outs, yet still challenge your strength, flexibility and balance. Other Yoga and Pilates classes I have tried leave me shaking from effort yet warm and super loose. I always find an invigorating experience here!

Laura Shapanka

Core & Stretch was a great workout. Just 30 minutes of being on a mat...I never would have thought in a million years. So I look forward to the next class. That was absolutely phenomenal...definitely good for me and I appreciate it.
Gerard Taylor

I've been a client at FitnessWise for many years and have greatly valued the one-on-one approach which tailors strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training to each individual's needs and goals.

So when FitnessWise added group classes this year I wasn't sure I needed them. Was I wrong! I've added the Pilates Express Core & Stretch, Yoga Flow and Zumba classes to my weekly routine and find the variety makes exercise more fun and more effective. The instructors are awesome!

This doesn't mean daily trips to the gym. For instance, I do individual cardio and strength training on one day and finish off with a Yoga Flow class. It's like dessert. Or maybe nirvana.

On another day I come in for Pilates Core & Stretch class at noon, followed by Zumba class at 12:35. On both days I go home feeling energized and relaxed.

Try it, you'll like it!

Alicia Klaffky